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I just wanted to say thank you and how appreciative I am to one of your employees, Gay Wheatley. Today as I was getting ready to leave Harter House on Eastgate, my car would not start. Mr. Wheatley not only helped me get the battery jumped, he offered to drive me and my girls home if we couldn’t get it started. Than…ks to him and a couple of helpful customers my car is now safely back home.

Emily Batson
Harter House - Eastgate

I’m sharing this late—about two weeks after it happened, but I
just have to give Wes a pat on the back—and you should too! He went above
and beyond to help me find the hazelnuts I needed for a recipe… he
searched through mixed nuts, picking out the hazelnuts, all because they
weren’t available by themselves anymore. Wow. So many employees would just
say, “Sorry, ma’m, no hazelnuts.” What customer service, and what a
dedicated employee.

Linden Mueller
Republic Road

World Flavors

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World Flavors
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World Flavors - Inception

Barbara said, “Dale, can we get “something” to sell in the store? Dale replied, “Of course we can Barbara. What do you want me to take out of the store to make room for your “something”? I’d heard that conversation many times before, because our approximately 13,000 SF store never afforded us the luxury of adding many new items. But this time was the defining moment that started the conversation about expanding into the 2,500 SF unit vacated by Ashby’s Clothing, just to the west of our existing store. For the past several years, the managers of Harter House have had the opportunity to travel with Associated Wholesale Grocers to cities across the U.S. and even Canada for the purpose of visiting upscale grocery stores and specialty markets. We are viewing new display ideas, décor, retail items etc. to bring back ideas to implement in our stores. And we have utilized that knowledge in many ways. Everything from handi-wipes that sanitize the shopping cart handles to “How to successfully implement a dry aged meat program.” We have taken many pictures and notes along the way. And when we seriously started talking about expanding the store, we wanted to create an atmosphere that brought together our favorite elements from the stores we had visited. We wanted the atmosphere to be inviting and comfortable, but also, we wanted to bring to Springfield something that was not already available to shoppers. World Flavors offers some of the staple items used in ethnic recipes. The Wine & Spirits Center allows us to offer greater variety. And the Sampling Station will create an area where customers can learn how to create simple meals with our ingredients and have questions answered about any ethnic ingredients they're not used to using in the kitchen. At Harter House, our goal is always to provide our customers with the best shopping experience they can possibly have. We know that you have many options available to you and in order to impress you, we must excel in product quality, consistency and helpfulness. Our greatest assets are our long term employees, who not only have the experience needed to provide that consistency, but also care enough to remember our loyal customers. It’s a relationship we truly appreciate and want to foster. Jerry Bettlach said, “Treat the customer right, give them the best quality available and hopefully they’ll come back.”

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